About Us

We are pleased to announce the launch of LETH INCARGO MARINE SERVICES PTE LTD in Singapore. This newly formed venture is the result of a partnership between Leth Agencies and Incargo SL, two esteemed companies with profound knowledge and experience within the shipping industry. Given our global reach, our improved presence in Singapore is only a natural extension of our maritime services. Combining our resources, expertise, and network, we are eager to serve our clients more extensively in this important region.

LETH INCARGO MARINE SERVICES PTE LTD was initiated on September 2019 and will provide all shipping and marine services in Singapore. Our experienced team will be based in Singapore to ensure our clients’ requirements are met. Significant efforts will be placed at accommodating efficient and effective operations, for any kind of request. We will seek to continuously introduce innovative and improved solutions for processes on funding and operations.

Our Vision

To provide a reliable and efficient one-stop-agency rendering services for all vessels calling port, terminal, anchorage, shipyard and offshore area in Singapore Region.

Our Mission

Utilizing our network of business partners and suppliers, our team of experienced maritime professional will extend our service operations in Singapore. Our global presence in other key industry areas will provide a continuity of services for our clients. Leth Incargo Marine Services Pte Ltd will seek to always deliver exemplary service to existing and prospective clients.